Colectica SDK

Colectica SDK

Colectica SDK is a Software Developer's Kit that allows developers to create and process metadata with minimal effort.

  • Colectica SDK is a set of .NET 4 class libraries
  • Content model based on the DDI 3 standard
  • Read, write, and validate DDI 3 XML
  • Interact with Web Services provided by Colectica Repository

DDI 3 Model

The Colectica DDI model allows programmatic access to the content model of the DDI standard. It is written to provide a familiar appearance to other class libraries a programmer would be familiar with using the Microsoft Design Guidelines for Developing Class Libraries.


The Colectica DDI model provides both readers and writers to create XML compliant with the DDI standard. The DDI serializer can generate both entire DDI 3 instances or a concise bounded description of just one DDI item. The DDI deserializer allows reading of DDI 3 files and additionally performs schema and second level validation on the XML.

Colectica Repository Client Library

The Colectica Repository Client Library allows for rapid application development by handling all web service calls to the Colectica Repository and population of the objects in the Colectica Model. This client allows a programmer to work directly with the Colectica Model without needing to perform the web service calls and XML reading and writing directly.