Colectica Toolkit

Colectica Toolkit

Colectica Toolkit is a collection of command line tools designed to help your organization create and process metadata in an automated manner.

  • Import metadata into a repository
  • Convert among metadata formats
  • Generate publishable documentation

Available Tools

Convert DDI 3 files to DDI 2, or vice versa.
Extract DDI 3 metadata from SPSS data files.
Convert existing BlaiseĀ® survey instruments to DDI 3.
Convert CASES survey instruments to DDI 3.
Create PDFs and Rich Text documents for printing and publication.
Validator (Free Download)
Validate DDI 3 metadata.
Import metadata into the Colectica Repository from DDI 3 files. Once the information is in the repository it can be instantly available through Colectica Portal.

Download Validator

Download the free Colectica Toolkit Validator.

Additional Automated Functionality

Need to do more? Our goal is to make all of Colectica's functionality available through command line tools. To help us prioritize what comes first, let us know which features you need.

If you are interested in custom tools, possibly to migrate between your own data formats and various standards, please learn about our customization services.