Colectica End User Training Course

The Colectica End User Training Course is designed to give new Colectica users the information they need to use Colectica effectively. The course provides training for both the Colectica Designer and for the Colectica Web Repository.

The two day course covers the following topics:

  • Introduction to Colectica
  • Configuring repository access
  • Using a repository for collaboration and version control
  • Documenting concepts and general study design
  • Designing data collection instruments
  • Analyzing instruments
  • Generating source code for Computer Assisted Interviewing (CAI) systems
  • Importing, visualizing, and analyzing existing CAI source code
  • Documenting data products
  • Publishing documentation to repositories accessible within an organization or worldwide
  • In depth walkthrough: using Colectica to manage a study chosen by your organization