Repository-Centric Data Management

The Repository-Centric Data Management course is designed to give participants an introduction to metadata repositories and how they can be used to manage an organization's data. The focus is on how using a repository-based approach to data management can enable data to be shared and reused by researchers in order to maximize the research value of data.

Throughout the course, instructors will discuss and demonstrate how the Colectica platform implements the concepts being described. This course offers an opportunity for those evaluating the Colectica platform to determine how it may integrate with their existing systems and workflows.

The two day course covers the following topics:

  • Obstacles to rigorous data-based research
    • Barriers to discovering the right data and knowing how to use the data
    • Barriers to reproducing data-based research
    • Barriers to data comparability
  • Removing these obstacles with a well-structured repository
  • Documenting the full data life cycle
    • Study concept and design
    • Data collection
      • Sample design
      • Instrument design
    • Data processing
    • Data archiving
    • Data repurposing (documenting the process of analysis)
  • Metadata publication
  • Metadata versioning
    • How repositories can enable automatic revision control
    • Solving identification problems
  • Requirements for Enhanced Publications
    • Research data
    • Related materials
    • Post-publication annotations